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California posts nation’s largest foreclosure total in 2009 – Los Angeles Business from bizjournals:

Posted by Dwight Mathews on January 26, 2010

Considering the fact that California was the testing ground for some of the nations most creative financing/mortgage products, is it any wonder why we had the highest foreclosure totals in the country.

California, Nevada, Arizona and Florida have been the big four states that have seen most of the headlines over the past couple of years when we talk about foreclosures.  With no end in sight, I’m sure we will continue to be the talk of the town for a few more years! It took almost 5yrs for the California Real Estate market to fully recover from the previous  market cycle recession back in the late 90’s.  It’s important to note here however, that over the past four Real Estate cycles, California has led the way to recovery,  for the rest of the nation.


Well,  if your in the trenches and on the street like me,  you should already know that a recovery has already begun.  Of course that doesn’t mean necessarily that the good old days are imminent and coming back anytime soon.  I think we are all too smart and know by now that, that won’t be the case this time around.   However, sitting on the fence and waiting for better times to give you a sign,  in my professional opinion is the worst thing you can do right now.


That’s exactly what many Smart, Savvy Buyers and Investors are doing right now!   Today’s Real Estate Market will go down in History as the Greatest Buying Opportunity Ever!   Will You Wait?  or Will You make a decision to ACT NOW!  I’d like to hear your opinion.  What is your Crystal Ball telling you  about the future of the California,  Real Estate Market?   Leave a comment-tell me what you think.    You can read the entire LA. Bus journal report below.

ia California posts nation’s largest foreclosure total in 2009 – Los Angeles Business from bizjournals:.

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