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Savvy Buyers Only


Let’s See!  I think we have to go all the way back to 2008, when every realestate agent, broker, TV commentator, You name it, declared:  Today is the Greatest Buying Opportunity Ever!!  If you had taken that advice back then, your beautiful home or investment property would now be underwater. Prices have declined since that great announcement and continue to do so.  SO WHAT’S A BUYER TO DO??


The Housing market has changed dramatically. The obvious is clear to most buyers.  What isn’t is the fact that all of the rules have changed. So much so, that naive, uneducated buyers don’t stand a chance to purchase that dream home or investment property, without hiring a professional Buyer Only Agent/Advisor who has the knowledge and skill necessary to not only protect the rights of the buyer, but the ability to negotiate hard in favor of the buyer client.  “Your Price” – “Your Terms”  OR NO DEAl!  That means, that you the buyer can never allow yourself to fall in love with any one potential purchase.  Once you do and make that fact known to anyone other than your Buyer Agent,  any negotiating leverage you had is all but gone.


Did you know that roughly 35% of properties for sale, never even get listed on the MLS?  So while most buyers sit in front of a computer screen looking for homes for sale listed on the MLS, that other 35% has already been sold or has bids on it.  Of course most buyers will continue to shop online and end up calling a number that goes directly to the agent who works exclusively for the seller.  When was the last time you called an Attorney for advice to represent you, who’s already working for the person that you are trying to sue?  Not a very prudent idea, don’t you think?  But yet, that is the norm taken by the majority of realestate buyers when they call that phone number on that yard sign or off of a web ad.


Buying a home or investment property will always be a serious financial decision.  Too many people over the past few years, and even today, in my opinion still aren’t Serious enough.  One mistake can be the difference between making a great deal or making for a long term nightmare financially.  That doesn’t need to happen.  And shouldn’t ever happen if you’ve done all of your homework and due diligence.  But if you don’t have a outline for the homework assignment and don’t know what questions to ask when performing your due diligence, then you leave yourself open to any and all who will most assuredly take advantage of that fact.


Who’s been around the block.  Who knows the ins and outs of today’s market.  Someone with the knowledge and hard negotiating skills, who is honest, ethical and who will protect your rights throughout the transaction.  An Exclusive Buyers Agent/Advisor is that person.  Choose Wisely!


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